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Henning Product Development – Advanced Design, Innovation and Manufacturing in Pasadena, California

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Henning Product Development is a consultancy for advanced design, innovation and manufacturing based in Pasadena, California.

We are experts in bringing new ideas to market. Our full-service portfolio provides a turnkey solution for your unique development needs. We have decades of experience in developing products focusing on product performance, attractive designs and operational efficiency.

Our focus on product performance leads to intrinsically beautiful designs that come through naturally. Our experience in mechanical, fluid and electronic systems delivers break-though innovation. And our manufacturing expertise provides continuous improvement and quality assurance tailored to your anticipated production volume.

Housed in a 2000 square foot facility buzzing with talented designers, engineers and craftsmen, we work with the latest design tools and fabrication equipment to deliver top-quality to design, innovation and manufacturing services.

We work with manufacturing companies, universities, research institutions, start-ups and inventors delivering solutions tailored to meet their needs. Our portfolio includes consumer goods, medical devices, recreational and institutional equipment. Our network of over 4000 suppliers allows us to prototype and manufacture in a variety of materials from plastic to glass, metal to fabric, with or without integrated electronics including the latest low-power wearables, WiFi and IOT frameworks.

We offer design, innovation and manufacturing services to support your sales, production, marketing and engineering efforts. We often help companies with one aspect of a new product development initiative to break through a tough problem. We also provide comprehensive product development programs from patent through production for a complete turnkey solution.

Whatever stage of your product’s lifecycle, we make it better. From cost reduction to performance improvements, quality enhancements and consumer appeal, our core competencies of design, research, development and manufacturing are dedicated to continuous improvement, working together across all disciplines for a more efficient and productive product lifecycle.

How can we help? Get in touch and let’s get started!

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