Home Videos Mind Blowing Discovery About Mysterious Object in the Sky #utopianclips #entrepdavid

Mind Blowing Discovery About Mysterious Object in the Sky #utopianclips #entrepdavid

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Mind Blowing Discovery About Mysterious Object in the Sky #utopianclips #entrepdavid
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I want to spend just a few minutes talking about why science is hard. Let’s tell them science is hard and drive them where they belong. I put it hard in a way that maybe you hadn’t fully appreciated. And the physical sciences, especially physics, astrophysics, this sort of thing. So but I’m going to I’m going to go someplace completely different. So here’s why okay, and this is going to be storytelling. Herschel. Yes, I’m back. He discovered an object. These are the planets in the sky of the Earth. And he was in denial of it because it had no precedent. So you track the orbit of Uranus and you find out it’s not following Newton’s laws of gravity. So here we have a situation where, all right, if there’s another planet, how are we going to figure out where it is? So it’s a mathematical inversion problem of that gravity of the gravitational setup. And so brilliant mathematicians they did this inversion problem and Laverrier got there first and he said if Newton’s laws apply and there’s something tugging on it, it should be an object over here in this part of the sky. That’s amazing.

It turns out Neptune and also parts of Uranus were not collectively were not following Newton’s laws precisely. So let’s perform the math is a Planet X. So let’s do the inversion problem and look over there. Nope. No planet. So we’re right now up into the late 1800s early 1900s and Percival Lowell of the New England Lulls, right?

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