Home Videos You Science! Aptitude and Career Discovery! #homeschool #careerexploration #career #selfdiscovery

You Science! Aptitude and Career Discovery! #homeschool #careerexploration #career #selfdiscovery

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Today, Lisa is talking with Jessie Cole, COO of “You Science which is an exciting addition to the homeschool toolbox!

You Science
• Helps students identify their strengths and matches them with potential career paths

• Empowers them to make informed decisions about their future and pursue meaningful careers that align with their passions

• Is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to explore their interests and strengths while also receiving guidance on potential career paths

We understand that the homeschool community places a strong emphasis on personalized learning and helping students reach their full potential. YouScience is uniquely aligned with these values, providing a comprehensive solution for students to discover their strengths and passions, and ultimately pursue fulfilling careers.

Career Exploration is a must have class for all of our studens as they enter the workforce during this 4th Industrial Revolution!

Career Exploration https://truenorthhomeschool.academy/product/career-exploration/

Life Skills https://truenorthhomeschool.academy/product-category/electives/


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