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Business, Innovation, and Managing Life (June 14, 2023)

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Stephen Wolfram hosts live and unscripted Ask Me Anything about business, innovation and managing life. Find the playlist of Q&A’s here: https://wolfr.am/youtube-sw-business-qa

Originally livestreamed at: https://twitch.tv/stephen_wolfram

If you missed the original livestream of this episode, feel free to submit a question you would like Stephen to answer in a future Q&A livestream here: https://wolfr.am/12cczmv5J

00:00 Start stream
7:44 SW starts talking
7:58-19:58 How do you balance work & life? Do you have advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working? How do you find time for socializing and exercising?
20:10-29:18 When will you retire and devote all of your time to your physics project, or is retiring out of the question?
29:23-39:48 Have you ever thought about constructing a business model based on the principle of your physics model?
40:02-41:03 Random task delegation question – Have you ever changed a flat tire?
41:14-45:31 Have you ever researched health benefits of certain foods? Does this influence your diet?
45:35-49:41 Do you now write with the help of LLM?
49:55-1:00:33 What does a typical summer look like for Stephen Wolfram?
1:01:10-1:11:40 Has being a remote CEO become easier over the years? Do you ever miss being physically in the office?
1:11:41-1:15:57 ​How helpful was it to have already built SMP before starting Mathematica?
1:16:01-1:28:19 In terms of building software, what was the biggest challenge you ever faced and how did you solve it? Was it building Mathematica or was it earlier on?

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