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Western Province Premier Office Innovation Hour – Bertha Kgokong from MobileGPT

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Innovation Day 2023: Bertha Kgokong’s Groundbreaking Presentation on AI Integrations for Messaging Apps 🔹

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In this exclusive Innovation Day presentation, hosted by the Western Province office of the Premier, we have the dynamic and pioneering serial entrepreneur, Bertha Kgokong, taking the center stage.

Bertha is renowned for her remarkable contributions to the tech industry, including the founding of multiple successful tech companies like Skhokho (https://skhokho.io), Skolo Online (https://skolo.online), and most recently, MobileGPT.

This presentation provides a fascinating dive into the future of AI, with a focus on her revolutionary application, MobileGPT. This ground-breaking tool utilizes the OpenAI API to integrate ChatGPT within WhatsApp, enabling a whole new range of intelligent and seamless interactions.

Born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa, Bertha is a self-taught developer who has tirelessly navigated the tech landscape to revolutionize the way we perceive and interact with AI. She is a testament to the potential of South African innovation on a global stage.

In this talk, Bertha unravels the journey behind her latest venture, MobileGPT, its mechanics, potential applications, and its promising future. Whether you are a tech enthusiast, a budding entrepreneur, or just curious about the interplay between AI and social apps, this is a presentation you do not want to miss!

Check out MobileGPT: https://mobile-gpt.io

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Get in touch with Bertha Kgokong – https://www.linkedin.com/in/bertha-kgokong-mba/

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