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Incredible Discovery On Mars | Is There Alien Life? | Malayalam Space Fact Science | 47 ARENA

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Incredible Discovery On Mars by NASA scientists. Humanity have been observing mars for a very long time. The primary reason for exploring Mars is to find life beyond Earth. Mars was once an Earth like planet millions of years ago. So, Mars may have harbored lots of life during that period. So, there is a chance of finding an alien life in Mars. Recently, scientists found something intriguing on Mars. This incredible discovery on Mars has sparked a lot of interest in the media, and for good reason. Is there evidence of alien life on Mars? As we’ve all heard, the red planet has been the focus of many exciting discoveries in recent months. And one of those discoveries is the possibility of alien life on Mars. In this video, we’re exploring the possibility of this incredible discovery and asking whether or not there is evidence to support it.

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0:00 Skip This Time Wasting Intro
2:06 Study Of Mars’ Layers
4:53 Insight’s Discoveries
8:35 Could There Be Life On Mars?
10:15 Searching For Life On Mars
11:23 Amazing 3-D Map Of Mars

Amazing 3-D Map of Mars👇

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