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6 Minutes Ago: Scientists Share Shocking Discovery..

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3 Minutes Ago: Scientists Share Unexpected Discovery. Noah’s Ark Found
This stone tablet shocked the whole archaeology field. Discovered in the Middle East, it dates back to about the third decade of our era, which is basically the New Testament era. And among the inscriptions written there, a very famous biblical name appears, Pontius Pilate. That very same Roman prefect of Judea who, according to the New Testament, sent Jesus Christ to the cross. The tablet proved even to skeptics that Pontius Pilate was absolutely real and the Bible didn’t lie. But what about the events described in the most essential part of the Old Testament, Genesis? Will they stand the archaeological and scientific tests? In this video, you’ll find out what could have been the prototype for the Garden of Eden? How high did the actual Tower of Babel reach? Did Noah’s Ark actually withstand a real flood? And finally, among all the things described in the Book of Genesis, what might have happened in real life?

Discussed in this video:
Noah’s Ark Something Terrifying is Happening
Noah’s Ark Found
Noah’s Ark What is Going On
Noah’s Ark Discovery
Noah’s Ark Discovered

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