Home Videos What is that HUGE CUBE off the 5 Freeway? | Discovery Science Center, Orange County 2023 | FREE*

What is that HUGE CUBE off the 5 Freeway? | Discovery Science Center, Orange County 2023 | FREE*

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Ever wonder what’s in that HUGE CUBE off the 5 freeway in Orange County? It’s the DISCOVERY CUBE, OC! We discover it in this video. They had a special Paw Patrol section that was there for a limited time. It was fun for our 2 year old, and pretty cool for us adults. We ventured to the rest of the facility that’s more permanent and we got to play with things that practice and teach you about physics. Race cars, floating beach balls, earthquakes, pulleys, sand, wind, darkness, colors, shopping, recycling.

Upstairs, there was a section dedicated to the local NHL team, the Anaheim Ducks. It showed fun activities and science experiments. We even got to go in a zamboni! There were also some shopping lessons upstairs.

And we finally got to see what’s inside the huge black CUBE that’s visible from the 5 freeway! It’s full on space stuff! And a rocket engine. And right below it there are some dinosaur stuff!

I would highly recommend going here with kids, and even without kids. I took dates there before. They always have different, limited time, exhibits. This time, there was Paw Patrol, and I have gone when it was Star Wars, Disney, Bubbles, and many different special exhibits.

I was able to go in for free because I took advantage of the Bank of America Museums On Us benefit for having a Bank of America credit card. I think other banks do this too, check your bank’s benefits. Every first full weekend of the month, you can go to many listed museums for free. For this specific museum, it was only Sundays. Other museums may have restrictions, but it’s usually the first weekend of the month. Be sure to take advantage of that if you have a card or something that gives you free admission.

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