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Jeunesse Global: Dr. Giampapa on Stephen Hawking Narrated Discovery Science Stem Cell Special

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Stephen Hawking says, “I relish the rare opportunity I’ve been given to live the life of the mind. But I know I need my body and that it will not last forever. As we age and we make copies of cells, tiny errors creep into our genes. This process seems inevitable but stem cell researchers disagree.”

Dr. Giampapa explains the importance of stem cells and cell health.

He explains,”The origin of the aging process really starts in our stem cells because that is the reservoir of the regenerative power and the ability to have our body cells renewed and repaired as we age. The stem cells we have in our adult bodies are not all powerful like embryonic stem cells. They are specialized to replenish specific tissues we need to maintain our cells like blood, bone, skin and muscle. As we age however this repair system begins to break down.”

Dr. Giampapa is the creator of Healthycell: a nutrient foundation that works at the source of health and aging – the cell – to improve your quality of life and healthspan.


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