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Scientists Latest HORRIFYING Discovery At CERN

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Scientists Latest HORRIFYING Discovery At CERN

Shocking the entire world five quarks the primary constituents of matter combined to form pentaquarks subatomic particles although it was first suggested that they might exist in the 1960s it was at the beginning of the 21st century that they were really found the discovery of pentaquarks marked a significant turning point in our comprehension of the elemental composition of matter and opened up new directions for particle physics study physicists at the Japanese spring 8 syncotron revealed the first experimental proof of pentaquark’s existence in 2002. they saw a peek in their data that was unaccounted for by any known particle and concluded it was probably caused by a pentaquark however several physicists disagreed with their findings arguing that the data was insufficient to confirm pentequark’s existence unequivocally

Scientists Latest HORRIFYING Discovery At CERN

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