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More Ancient Neanderthal-Human Interbreeding Event Discovered | 7 Days of Science

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In the news this week there’s been the discovery of a very ancient Neanderthal-human interbreeding event, a new dinosaur named from Texas, a prehistoric bat species that could already echolocate, and much more!

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Pet dogs prefer food:

Pet Dogs Prefer Food Over Toys, New Study Shows

Triple galaxy interaction:

Hubble Space Telescope Observes Trio of Interacting Galaxies

Echolocation in a prehistoric bat:

New ornithopod dinosaur Ampelognathus coheni:

New Species of Ornithopod Dinosaur Identified in Texas

Neanderthals and anatomically modern humans interbred over 250,000 years ago:

Neanderthals Interbred with Now-Extinct Lineage of Early Modern Humans Over 250,000 Years Ago

Human expansions and the pattern of Neanderthal ancestry:

0:00 – Introduction
0:25 – Dogs prefer food over toys
1:05 – Triple galaxy interaction
2:29 – New prehistoric bat species
4:40 – New dinosaur species from Texas
5:46 – Ancient Neanderthal-Human interbreeding
8:04 – Human expansions and the pattern of Neanderthal ancestry
9:31 – Thank you!

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