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Scientists Reveals Iceland is NOT What We're Being Told

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You already know that Iceland is home to numerous glaciers, covering approximately 11% of the country’s land area. However, Iceland’s allure extends far beyond its dazzling beauty, as it has served as a backdrop for groundbreaking scientific discoveries that continue to fascinate researchers worldwide. In this video, we will explore some of the greatest discoveries ever made in Iceland.

Number 20: The Hraunfossar Lava Field
Let’s begin our journey with one of the most captivating and picturesque landscapes on Earth, tucked away deep in the heart of Iceland. This mesmerizing natural wonder isn’t your regular tourist spot; it carries a history as ancient as the volcanic throne it sits on. Experts believe that this jaw-dropping expanse of frozen lava has been here for a thousand years or even longer. According to local folklore and origin stories, the birth of the Hraunfossar Lava Field is attributed to several mythical and enchanting tales. One popular legend recounts the discovery of a hidden waterfall, unveiled when an outlaw named Skessuhorn was escaping from his chasers.

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