Home Videos What is a Super Earth (TOI 715 b) : NASA’s new discovery That Could Support Life.

What is a Super Earth (TOI 715 b) : NASA’s new discovery That Could Support Life.

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In this video, we will explore the amazing discovery of a super-Earth, TOI-715 b, by NASA, and what it means for our understanding of the universe and the possibility of life beyond Earth. A super-Earth is a type of planet that is larger than Earth but smaller than the gas giants, and that is usually rocky and has a solid surface. TOI-715 b is a super-Earth that orbits within the habitable zone around a red dwarf star, which means that it could have liquid water on its surface, which is essential for life. We will learn how NASA discovered this planet using the TESS space telescope, and how they will study it further using the JWST space telescope. We will also see some stunning images and diagrams of this planet and its star, and hear from some of the NASA scientists who made this discovery. We will also ask some questions and implications that this discovery poses for our curiosity and exploration of the cosmos.
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