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Recent Discoveries and Inventions | May 2024 | Science and Technology | Kitum Cave Horror | Ep. 1

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In today’s episode, we describe the horrors of a death-inflicting cave in Kenya. We then highlight the recent discovery of a volcanic exoplanet. We also share a scary finding about a huge carbon dioxide peak. By the way, did you know that forensic experts are now trying to simulate murders in space? It’s an intriguing intersection of forensic science and space exploration. In today’s episode, we also shed light on a new Japanese drug that has the potential to regrow teeth. Finally, we share details pertaining to the 3D mapping of a small region of the human brain by researchers from Harvard and Google.

Horror inside the Kitum Cave

A recent article published in the “Science Times” describes the horrors inside one of the deadliest caves on this planet. Known by the name “Kitum Cave,” this cave is located in Kenya’s Mount Elgon National Park.

The mysterious cave has an extremely disturbing history. In 1980, a French engineer working at a nearby sugar refinery became infected with the deadly Marburg virus after visiting the Kitum Cave. He subsequently met with untimely death at a hospital in Nairobi. A book describing the horrors of the Marburg virus mentions a chilling detail: the French engineer’s face detached itself from his skull prior to his death.

Volcanic exoplanet

Space researchers recently discovered something intriguing 66 light-years away from our planet. They spotted a volcanic exoplanet with a molten surface. This exoplanet is 30% larger than Earth and it takes more than 2 days to orbit its star “HD 104067.”

Huge carbon dioxide peak

The increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide are a significant concern for environmental researchers. Responsible nations are undertaking efforts to mitigate the effects by monitoring their own carbon footprints. Meanwhile, researchers studying ancient Antarctic ice have highlighted a key finding: the rate of carbon dioxide increase today is absolutely unprecedented. For comparison, this rate is 10 times faster than the rate measured at any other point in the past 50,000 years.

Murder in space

This is the year 2090. Space tourism has become a routine activity, with wealthy individuals regularly vacationing in outer space for months at a time. Last week, the seventh murder occurred aboard a British spaceship. The murderer remains at large, but forensic experts have identified several potential suspects.

Drug to regrow teeth

If you have missing teeth, wouldn’t it be wonderful to regrow them? This may sound too good to be true, but a quick reality check reveals that regrowing teeth may become possible sometime soon.

3D brain map

A 45-year-old woman recently underwent surgery for treating her epilepsy. A tiny fragment excised from her brain cortex with her prior consent was used by researchers from Harvard and Google for detailed mapping. The resulting 3D map covers a volume of about one cubic millimeter, one-millionth of a whole brain. It contains nearly 57,000 cells and 150 million neuronal connections or “synapses.”


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https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2665910724000070 (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.fsir.2024.100358)

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01:09 Horror inside the Kitum Cave
02:48 Volcanic Exoplanet
03:42 Huge Carbon Dioxide Peak
04:42 Murder in Space
06:02 Drug to Regrow Teeth
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