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Terracotta Army's Hidden Tech: Chromium Secrets? #science #ancienthistory #mystery #facts

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Unearth the mysteries of the Terracotta Army, where over 8,000 soldiers guard the tomb of China’s first Emperor.

Discovered in 1974, these clay warriors hold a secret — their weapons are coated with chromium.

Chromium plating involves coating objects with a thin layer of chromium, significantly enhancing durability and preventing rust. Not rediscovered until the late 20th century, this technique marks the Terracotta Army as a technological marvel of ancient chemistry. Or does it?

New findings suggest a different view. Instead being a metal treatment, traces of chromium found were linked to the lacquer used on weapon handles. Not all experts agree though, keeping the door open for further discoveries.

What’s your take on the Terracotta Army’s preservation secrets?

Myth or misunderstood science?

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