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AllWaves: The Innovative Surfing Wave Pool Made in Belgium

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AllWaves, a revolutionary wave pool technology from Belgium, brings surfing to artificial lakes, providing landlocked surfers with an authentic surfing experience.

Designed by wave energy expert Steven Nauwelaerts and serial entrepreneur Geert Nauwelaerts, AllWaves aims to create the world’s safest wave pool with a natural look and feel.

The system uses a durable textile pillow on the basin floor, moved hydraulically to mimic ocean waves.

This technology allows for customizable waves, accommodating all skill levels.

“Our wave generation knowledge is captured in intelligent algorithms with infinite wave variability. A simple push on the app makes the desired wave roll,” notes CEO Steven Nauwelaerts.

AllWaves’ design includes a natural-looking lake with 360-degree sloping beaches and generates a wave every seven seconds, enhancing surfer experience and investor ROI.

The system can create waves up to six feet in a 100-meter by 100-meter basin, holding 64 surfers simultaneously. It features left and right-hand point breaks and an A-frame peak.

With a lifelong guarantee, AllWaves partners with leaders in hydraulic manufacturing and high-tech textiles to ensure reliability.

The technology is on display at the company’s site in Knokke-Heist, Belgium, where it runs on renewable energy, highlighting its carbon-neutral footprint.

AllWaves is ideal for recreational surf parks, water parks, professional practice venues, and mixed-use real estate developments, combining safety, aesthetics, and energy efficiency.

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